SIFU TRAINING SIFU TRAINING Garcia with Sijo James Demile: A proud moment I had one intense week of learning with Sijo James Demile in his Wing Chun Do / D.D.T. intensive workshop. 120308695 Chillin with Sifu Baanag One of the most talented young Sifu's in the country. 120307126 Felix Macia's Jr. and the Oakland Boys The Oakland branch is still going strong in Hayward. Felix Macias Jr. is one of the most talented Jeet Kune Do instructors alive. 120308278 Kicking it in Rome Me at the Roman Colosseum in 2001 59972542 Richard, Felix, and Robert the 3 JKD amigo's. 120308300 Sifu Paul Vunak and I Here I am being rewarded with my Full Instructor certificate in Jeet Kune Do concepts & The Filipino Martial Arts from Paul Vunak himself. 121769310 Arm bar Not much I can add but that. 128567536 South African Martial Arts The Piper boys led by Nigel February from Cape Town South Africa were a blast to train and hang out with. I learned much about South African martial arts from these guys and consider them all brothers for life. 128567537 Afro-Caribbean Martial Arts I studied for a time Afro-Caribbean and have met many wonderful people in the process such as Dr. Raquel Rivera, TJ Desh Obi, Daniel Marks, as well as my good friend Dennis Newsome. 128567538 South African Knife Fighting In SA they practice with live blades!!!! I still have a few scars from that trip. 128567539 Zulu Stick Fighting In South Africa I was lucky enough to pick up Zulu & Xhosa stick fighting methods. 128567540 Attacking from the Guard Just what the title says me attacking from the guard. 128567541 High Roundhouse Kick Not much I can add but that was a good kick !!!! 128567542 Side Control Grappling with Monster Boy Kris Acevedo 128567543 Inside Gate Training Sifu Macias showing how the Oakland branch works the inside gate. 174507728 Felix Macia's Sr. A proud moment when myself and a group of my top students taught a seminar in Oakland California and got to chat with martial arts legend Felix Macia's Sr. We were the lucky few to have Macia's Sr. actually demo a few moves on us and give us an extensive lecture on the martial arts. 143995074 Training in Oakland Working with Rudy on some trapping. 174507729 Tim Tacket with the Garcia Boys A seminar in Bridgeport Connecticut where we trained with JKD legend Tim Tackett. We were schooled in how to put power in our lead hand, the use of the leg obstruction and countless other amazing techniques. 143995075 Oakland Trip In the famous Macias JKD garage. 174507730 Training with Felix Macias Jr. Working on teh JKD bi-jong. 174507731 Joe Lewis Training Session Working Kickboxing with Joe Lewis 174507732 Joe Lewis Pointers Joe Lewis giving me some advice on how to work JLFS with my JKD. 174507733 Oakland Training Observing the Oakland boys training. 174507734 Felix Macias Jr. Pointers Learning from one of the best JKD men in the game. 174507935