Learn the Tao of Self-Defense

                             Jeet Kune Do  Philosophy

"There are countless interpretations regarding Bruce Lee TM & his development of the martial way, my goal as a Sifu is to express myself honestly like Bruce did and act as a pointer to the truth.  Jeet Kune Do was Lee's gift to the world.  It was a path to our true freedom, a world without boundaries and shackles.  I humbly offer a path to your own freedom if you wish.

It is my hope that students take my teaching and use it to help them unlock their true potential and become the very best they can be. At the height of their martial journey they will develop their own way and thus the cycle of life will continue.

Bruce Lee TM was an intelligent man who spoke deeply of Zen wisdom and Taoist principles. Some of his teachings spoke of such things as: Spontaneous action or (Wu-Wei) developed through obtaining Zen Mind (Wu-Hsin).  He also stressed the importance of the Yin/Yang principle of harmoniously complimenting rather than opposing force.    

Jeet Kune Do is not for everyone, yet anyone is welcome.  

Jeet Kune Do is simplicity in a complex world. True teachings are flexible and never gospel, and true gung fu views combat through the unbiased lense of what is, and not what we would like it to be.

Jeet Kune Do is everything everyone has ever said it is.  It is an original art, a martial art concept, and a combat philosophy.  It is all the material Bruce developed and it is all the discoveries that preceded him.  It is simple. direct, and non-classical.  

In closing Jeet Kune Do is about you".  


By Richard Garcia